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Bundle your auto and home insurance for more savings

Massachusetts drivers may now save 30% or more by combining their auto and home insurance.  We represent companies that offer a 15% discount on auto policies and an additional 20% discount on home insurance when written together.  Couple this with one of the many competitive group membership discounts such as…

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When is the best time to purchase life insurance?

If you’re wondering about when to purchase life insurance, consider the famous Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” There are many common life events and stages that you and others you may know go through that provide…

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Things to know when renting a car on vacation

Did you know that the Massachusetts auto policy extends coverage to a rental car when driven inside the U.S. and Canada?  It does! However, coverage will not transfer when renting a car outside the U.S. or Canada even to popular vacation destinations such as United Kingdom, Western Europe, Mexico, South…

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All about ice dams

Here is some valuable information that outlines how ice dams cause damage and what you can do to prevent them and keep your home in good condition! Read the Full PDF Here: Ice Dams

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Preparing for winter

Be prepared for winter weather this year. Snow, wind and freezing rain often beget power outages.  Being ready for whatever winter brings can be helpful and potentially save you from a lot of discomfort throughout the duration of lengthy winter storms. Prepare a storm kit that includes: A flashlight and…

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How will my teenage driver affect my auto insurance policy?

Having a teenage or inexperienced licensed operator in your household statistically increases the risk category specific to your policy.  This, in turn increases your insurance company’s exposure to loss.  Therefore, transferring this increased risk from you to your insurance company typically increases your annual premium. How much?  Well, that depends…

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