Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner insurance typically includes one of the following:

  • Owner Occupied Single or Multi-Family Homes
  • Owner Occupied Condominiums
  • Dwellings Rented to Others
  • Tenant Occupied Apartments / Condos / Homes

Home Insurance policies are packaged to include coverage for the building, (structure/dwelling) other detached structures, (shed, fence, pool etc.) contents, (personal property) temporary living expenses, (loss of use) premises liability protection, and medical payments coverage.  In addition to these coverages you may choose to include endorsements that are tailored to best meet specific protection needs for you and your household residents such as umbrella liability, jewelry or fine arts riders, and in-home business coverage.

In determining the amount of coverage you should purchase, it is necessary to have us complete and go over a replacement cost estimator with you.  Periodically, you may be notified by your insurance company that they would like to conduct a property inspection of your home at which time a cost estimator will be completed.  Keep in mind that the replacement cost of your home does not factor in the total real estate value including land, site development with improvements, or the assessed value for tax purposes.  Replacement cost is simply the amount it would cost to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss.  We focus on square footage, types of building materials and finishes used, architectural style, and overall condition and age of your home.   This amount often differs from that of either the total assessed or real estate appraised value.

There are many underwriting factors insurance companies use when determining home insurance policy rates.  Not limited to but including the age of a home, proximity to costal flood zones, claim history, age of plumbing, type of wiring, condition and age of roof and heating system, exterior hazards, and overall condition of the building.  With this, there are additional discounts and rating factors that some companies will offer.  Take time to contact our office so we may help you review your home insurance policy making certain that your coverage is adequate and up to date with any improvements you may have made.  Also it helps to confirm that you are qualifying for the most up to date competitive rating discounts.

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